Ethics Manifesto

In his role as Legal, Ethics and Compliance Counsel, serving as a line of defense for multiple organizations, the responsibility falls on Daniel Medina’s shoulders to delimit the framework of action for all his stakeholders, shielding them from financial crime, ethical violations, reputational risks and in general, from actions contrary to the philosophy of the clients he represents.

Consequently and congruently, in Daniel Medina’s daily life, as a consultant, through his personal brand, role as advisor, trainer and in general, any relationship with third parties, general guidelines are also established with the spirit of respect for dignity, integrity and transparency.

Any relationship of Daniel Medina with interested third parties, of any nature, will be governed by the following guidelines, in which case the responsibility is two-way, that is, for the maintenance and success of any relationship both parties must comply with the above.

Dignified Treatment

There are no differences or special treatment for any reason, including but not limited to: sex, pregnancy, gender identity or expression, color, height, religion, national origin, nationality, citizenship, age, disability, genetic information, marital status, sexual orientation, culture, ancestry, veteran status, performance status or any other personal characteristic protected or not by law.

This principle is not only applicable to the direct parties to the relationship, but to all others involved in the process, including cleaning personnel, suppliers, educational partners, delivery people, and in general, all members of society.

Everyone has the right to respect for their human dignity.

Privacy & Confidentiality

Eric Hughes defined privacy as “the ability to selectively reveal oneself to the world”.

Any relationship with Daniel Medina will be made under the principle that all information shared between the parties is confidential, unless explicit agreement to the contrary, and the parties may additionally establish terms, conditions or contracts that delimit the framework for action.

All communication is a safe space of trust, governed by confidentiality.

Transparency and Honesty

All processes with Daniel Medina are open and transparent, generating and maintaining an environment of trust where the parties can express their ideas, following the principle of freedom of expression without violating any right of a third party. The breakdowns of quotations, costs, expenses and other information of a financial nature will always be made in good faith, and the information requested will be provided as long as it is permitted by law.

It is expected that in the course of the relationship, the existence or potential existence of a conflict of interest will be communicated in a timely manner, that there are no uninformed or hidden purposes or intentions, acting at all times in the best interests of both parties.

Open and honest communication is the foundation of all human relationships.


All processes will be governed by the principle of Integrity in acting, doing the right thing, which will be considered good for everyone because it will not affect the rights of others.

The parties will strive to be trustworthy.
What is said, means just that: what is said, without double intentions or strange mixture.
When a promise is made, all expectations are on its fulfillment.


Whether it is a meeting planned at a certain time, a commitment of a deliverable, or any other commitment date, it will be fulfilled.

There is and is requested empathy for extraordinary cases that will and should be communicated according to the principle of Transparency and Honesty, such as events beyond the control of any interested party, without any malice.

We respect each other’s individuality, expectations and dreams, as well as each other’s time.

Solidarity Principle

All activities with Daniel Medina will be under the principle of solidarity.

In the course of any project, undertaking or relationship, the parties may share or provide, but not limited to: labor, technical knowledge, skills, information, contacts, access, opportunities, among others.

In the relationships so agreed, the economic retribution always complies with the principle of proportionality and solidarity due to the nature of the relationship, so it is expected that all payments are made in accordance with the terms and conditions agreed by the parties.

In relationships where no economic retribution is agreed upon, the principle of solidarity will guide, in which the receiving party, as the beneficiary of the solidarity, acquires, therefore, the responsibility to extend its hand to the neediest and most helpless.

The construction of a better world requires that we help our neighbor in adversity.

Any other matter not contemplated in this Code of Ethics shall be governed by the principles of good faith, dignified treatment, transparency, honesty, integrity, respect and solidarity.