Legal, Ethics & Compliance Counsel

Your compliance partner

Successfully navigate the challenging regulatory world with state-of-the-art consulting services, with experience in Mexico, LATAM, the European Union, and more.

Your fullest potential

Legal, ethics and compliance consulting

Development of policies, procedures, guides, manuals, risk-based approach, compliance matrices, inventories of legal obligations, legal opinion, and forensic investigations.

Training and education

Unique knowledge and skills that allow you to develop your full potential, as well as empower your team and organization, from a legal, ethical, and compliance approach.

Coaching for compliance professionals

A space for reflection and creativity for the solution of problems related to the compliance professional, through scientifically proven methodologies.

Employability and personal branding

Create, develop and enhance your personal brand, achieve your next great professional challenge, beat the AI that rejects your CV, and renew your image on social networks.

Independent advisor

An expert opinion for your Legal, Ethics, Compliance, Risk, Corporate Governance or Innovation and Technology Committee.

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The Compliance Background

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