What should be defined as the pinnacle of mankind’s evolution?

Defeat aging, reach the farthest star, surpass the speed of light or build the tallest building ever constructed in the world?

In fact, our greatest conquest is to overcome our infinite need for power, money, glory and the most harmful concept created by humans: “success”.

Once you delve into the roots of what Compliance really is, and the spirit of the Laws it respects, you will realize that there is no “compliant” business as long as the organization you belong to continues to increase its wealth dishonestly: Terms and Conditions with hidden practices, shady deals, undisclosed personal information practices, market manipulation, bribery and corruption, among many others (DuPont, HSBC, Wells Fargo, Volkswagen, BNP Paribas, Enron).

We devour our land and our life in the pursuit of ephemeral happiness.

We annihilate our consciousness by killing all life forms to feed ourselves, we develop growth hormones to conquer the natural cycle of life, we invent all sorts of things to beat time and, in the end, we simply deny reality: we are all going to die.

By denying death, we accumulate, as if money or power would save us. When death is “almost” accepted, we seek glory and success, that feeling of being remembered, of leaving a legacy. Let everyone know our name. We become the “experts”, the only one in a particular field, there is no other than me.

We tend to feel so unique that we forget all our ancestors. All those human lives that allowed me to write these words on a laptop, the mastermind who discovered electricity, the genius who invented the Internet.

We are all the accumulation of all those lives that preceded us.

So, if as individuals we still have a long way to go to achieve our true potential, of course, our organizations are also on an intricate path to truly become “socially responsible” entities in our world.

In the end, an organization is the absolute demonstration of the people behind it, their way of thinking, their worldview, and a Compliance Officer must not only comply with existing laws and regulations. He or she must become the ambassador of life and encourage the adoption of values such as integrity within the organization.